About us

About Pro 4 Life Co., Ltd.

Pro 4 Life Co., Ltd. is a company that doing about natural products health care business for both overseas & local marketing.

What we are doing.

Since year 2009 Pro 4 Life management team had a vision that natural products will be more popular and worldwide consumed in the future.  People would be more concerned about their health and looking for real natural products for their daily life style.

Thus Pro 4 Life Co., Ltd. started manufacturing and launching a natural product, Pro 4 Life natural mineral spray for hair & scalp, to domestic market.  As well as exporting supplementary food and health care products to overseas market.  Pro 4 Life spray is produced from 100% of natural deep sea mineral ingredients which benefits human scalp and helps restored skin from many infection problems.

A good feedback from customers lead to company’s second idea of hair care product, the company has developed Gro 4 Life natural mineral shampoo which still contains up to 85% of natural ingredients including Thai herbs and natural deep sea minerals with a very special balance of Thai and Chinese traditional formula.

A traditional and clean production process helps Pro4Life spray & Gro4Life shampoo maintain its quality and standard.  With highly quality control, our products can keep customers’ satisfaction high until today.

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