Frequently questions about “Pro4Life deep sea naturel mineral spray for hair & scalp”

Pro4Life spray ingredient is 100% natural without any chemical or fragrance in the formula. It is reported in lab testing that the product is not harmful to skin and eyes.
From various testimonials report that after using Pro4Life natural mineral spray, they found having healthier hair especially in bald head before ages testimonials. So this product is not only for bald head users but good for all ages.
Pro4Life deep sea natural mineral spray is not a hair growth product but having qualification to improve and restore cleanness on scalp when using regularly. It helps to reduce fungal and bacterial infections on scalp. A healthy hair roots equal stronger hair. In addition, having new hair growth is benefit from using the product regularly.
This product contains minerals that benefit scalp and hair. Moreover, it can improve scalp to have naturally pH balance. Using Pro4Life natural mineral spray for hair & scalp regularly will stop all problems from oily & dry scalp.
Pro4Life natural mineral spray did not developed for grey hair improvement but there are numbers of feedback showing that the product is also good for grey hair.
The most importance of this product is “BALANCE” minerals quality in the product. The minerals from deep sea contain nutritions that are good for scalp and hair roots such as Silicon, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Copper, Sodium, Sulfur and Chloride including DI water with no chemical since the beginning until the end of production.
There’s no restriction of using the product. It depends on users’ desire to continue or stop using after they got satisfaction. Users can notice that stop using the product will not cause hair loss like some growing hair products.
Yes, Pro4Life is safe for dyed & coloured hair.
Follow the direction stated on the label, the noticeable result should be within 2-3 months.